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gilbertmusings asked: Regarding your post: Do you wanna know the fastest way to check your site/blog SEO??

How much time took to you to find the right keywords?

If the answer is less than 15/20 minutes there’s no doubt.. your site SEO is very bad!! ;)

Can you explain this a little further?

It’s quite simple!

This post is a funny version of real tips.
The message is:

When you want a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site you need to find some keywords that you can put into the search engine string and/or in the metadata html code.
The meaning of the post is that if this process (finding the right keywords that match your site content) last less than 15/20 minutes you haven’t thought about it too much!
You need 20 or 30 real matching words, you can find them thinking how people can reach your site, you need thinking about brain words association..

A site that speak about “coffee” needs 20 or 30 words like:
« coffee, machine, black, arabic, powder, mug, brewing, seed, bean, green, roasted, caffeine, stimulating, ecc ecc »

I hope this will be more clear. ;)


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