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"How to do" Spoka Box, step by step.

  1. Spoka circuit exposed, test on switch on/off current and status (on/off) sensing;
  2. the “E” made from an IKEA spice rack;
  3. the main box core. Seeeduino Mega + RTC + Graphic LCD + buttons and trimmer circuit + Spoka control circuit;
  4. Spoka mod: a second hole to connect with main box;
  5. Spoka on;
  6. main box semi-assembled;
  7. main box a step before ending;
  8. main box jacks image, one for speakers and one for Spoka;
  9. Spoka Box assembled! “E” painted, main box wrapped in cloth and 2 magnets embedded into the upper part of the “E” to keep the main box securely in place.

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