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A new project done. ;)
Exams passed and free time increases a bit.

This is a capacitive button done with an Arduino, the CapSense Library, a 1M Ohm resistor and a thin aluminum foil.

The principle is very easy: this is a capacitive sensor that measures the electric charge of human body or other metal items.
It needs an 1M Ohm resistor to work as a button, from 10 to 20M Ohm resistor to sense at 6-7 cm, or 50M Ohm resistor to activate the input from 20-30 cm of distance.

In the video you can see a direct application.
A ledbar shows the distance read and a relay (you can hear its “clack” on the background) is activated when the sensor is completely touched.

You can see a complete “how to” and the Arduino code here:

Sorry, italian only! But you can translate it with google.